1. Are your hit counters 100% FREE?

Yes, our counters are completely free; each web counter we present comes with a very small, non-intrusive text link that links to our website. This advertising link helps us spread the world of our services and our name out there to offset the cost of maintaining our website and helps pay for hosting fees.

2. How to create a website hit counter for my site?

Creating a hit counter for you site is a very simple process. Simply select the hit counter you like and will provide you with the html code for that hit counter. Simply copy and paste the html code we provide you into your web page and your hit counter will start working once you have uploaded your page to your server.

3. Can I change your website counter code?

No. If you alter the hit counter code it will disable the hit counter.

4. How do I reset my hit counter counter?
(Note: The steps below will help you login to your account where you can reset your hit counter, change your hit counter style, download new hit counter code, and more.)

To reset you hit counter follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Go to the web page http://wwwhitfreecounter.com/signup.php.
Step 2 - On the left hand side of the page click on the "Account Login" link.
Step 3 - Now that you are in your account you can reset your hit counter, change hit counter styles, add a new hit counter to your account, download new hit counter code and change your contact information.

5. How do I get a new counter?

If you want a new counter you simply login to your account and download a new hit counter style or you can download the html code for the same hit counter or you can open a new account with us and download a new counter.